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Dornbraht (Dornbracht)

Dornbraht decades ago been established as a small family company. Today this name is synonymous with high quality furniture and bathroom accessories. Corporate philosophy is based on quality, functionality and design.

In 2000 the company celebrated 50 years on the market and enjoys a leadership role. Moreover, Dornbraht produces more kitchen equipment and furniture designer.

Kohler (Kohler)

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Kohler has existed for more than 130 years. The company managed to become a unique bathing experience. Engineers and designers no longer learn the characteristics of flowing water and its effects on the body. Their efforts continue to be born elegant furniture and bathroom accessories, created by five different technologies for unity in the movement of water and air on and around the body. Namely the unique manufacturing technologies were able to turn Kohler global market leader.

Hansa (Hansa)

Quality, functionality, stability - these three things is due to the good reputation of bath taps Hansa. Contemporary bathroom user wants him to be both practical and enjoyable. Therefore, innovative design and manufacturing technologies rallied Hansa brand on top. Production company counts on the original and extravagant models, even the game with the light on the release of water. By Hansa are convinced that this is exactly the right way for a successful "entrance" into the future. Perhaps the company is on track, and recognition for this are numerous awards for design.

Perla (Pearl)

Pearl is truly the crown jewel in the bathroom furnishing. The company offers not only tanks, but complete relaxation of body, soul and mind. Manufacturers comply with the personal requirements of each customer and offer a whirlpool, air treatment, temperature and other dishes. Traditional heating head back is stretched to incredible heights, having a built-in bathtub. This technology helps to soothe the pain in the shoulders, neck and back and reduces the feeling of numbness.

Hanzgrohe (Hansgrohe)

Hanzgrohe of product innovation the company has brought over 250 international awards. The company managed to establish itself on the market and showers for the future. Successes are hidden behind years of hard work and studies. The company paid a lot for your research department, which is the most creative in the industry. That is why Hanzgrohe be considered a leader in the field of new technologies in the bathroom furnishings, successfully combines innovation and design more functional and beautiful bathroom.

Stone Forest (Stone Forest)

Stone Forest creates hand carved granite baths with contemporary Japanese design and refined style. The result of manual work, the individuality of the stone and the inspiration of the stonecutter is unique bathroom. In a world of impermanence stone bears the spirit of eternity. The company even guarantees the best performance of the work throughout North America.

Toto (TOTO)

TOTO is the world leader in the manufacture of Monoblocks, offering a wide range of taps, showers and other bathroom accessories. Performance of over 1 500 engineers and designers is the integration of technology, innovation and conservatism in a design. The plant in Morrow, GA, did is an example of performance and quality control. Used to produce recycled water before being disposed of in drains. After nearly a century of Toto to market itself as a company with attention to detail, achieved a perfect balance between form, functionality and design.

Bear Creek Glass

The aim of the Bear Creek Glass is to create beautiful and practical bathroom accessories - artwork. The company is a relatively recent market - was founded in 2004 produces candlesticks, bowls, vases, chandeliers and other accessories. The founder of the Bear Creek Glass Joseph Thompson commented that its products have won the hearts of many people and found a place in their homes and offices.
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