Best Basins at the Jaipur Hotel

We just returned from Jaipur and I was thinking about the hotel we stayed in. It had a lovely ambience and the bathroom accessories were indefinable. Everything in the hotel looked custom made. The basins were beautifully shaped like flowers and so was the bathtub.

In my 30 years of life span I have been to many places but have never seen and felt such lovely flower shaped basins. Even today whenever I think of them I can see them live in front of me. They were made of glass to give them that elegant look. The basins were accompanied by handblown faucets which match the basin design. It was amazing to find taps in such shapes and colors. Faucets are available in a variety of colors and designs to suit your basins.

Since its inception to now basins have come a long way and are no more simple. They have been made more fancy and durable. Most of the designs are inspired from mother nature and the surroundings. The modern design basins have given a new scenario to the basin look and feel and are quite expensive. They can cost you anything between £75 and £2000. It is wise to have a bigger budget then to compromise on quality.

The other room at the hotel had copper basins. They are also a good option as bacteria are not copper friendly. Basins are generally termed as the house of the bacteria and copper can be used to keep them sterile. As time passes a thin greenish layers forms on the copper basins which makes it even more beautiful.

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