Best Bathroom Suites to Match your Luxury Quotient

Luxury has set in for the new generation people. They are now able to demand for luxury in all their routine activities the most important being the bathroom. The designers have taken care of this by providing a wide range of bathroom suites to match each ones luxury demands.

Bathrooms suites are now available in various designs, colors and textures to give you the peace and relaxation. From the Georgian range including pedestals, basins and pan cistern fittings to the Amor range with minimum linings all have seen a tremendous change in their designs.

Many of the bathroom suites designers have designed them with a theme like Zero (designed to reveal a zero), Qube (cubical washbasins and toilet pans), the Dee and Vee range (Depicting the alphabet D and V). These can be matched with custom made bathroom taps to give them the complete look. They look the best when combined with a white base.

The different bathroom suites accessories have different features like the shower screens, shower screens, heated radiators cum towel rails, basin mono and kilk wastes, bath taps, bath fillers etc. However these can be customized especially for you in the way you like them. If you want to cut on money it is advisable to go for a complete bathroom suite rather than buying the accessories separately.

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