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5 exotic style of the interior

Chinese style

Chinese interior style

The interest of Europe to the Far East has not ceased to be strong, since the journey Vashko da Gama. Since there are not only imported spices, and textiles, porcelain, furniture, ornaments of rare species of wood and bone. In each palace there at least one such item, which is a sign of prestige and taste.

The growing popularity of Chinese interior kind of philosophical system brings Feng Shui, which links the fate of human health and energy to space. Intermediary between man and space is home. Traditions of this art are well before 3000 years. Of particular importance is the palette of colors, which selects the host. Red means such as sun, strength and luck. Green carries in itself a message of peace.

Traditional accessories have mats, wooden furniture, wallpaper with landscapes and animals, plants and pottery. The windows are located opposite each other, and light pelmet accompanied by bells.

The inclusion of an aquarium or other water source in the home is particularly beneficial, and mirrors, fans and umbrellas are also a nice addition. If you can not find a bamboo bush, put in the corner any other plant.

Moroccan style
Moroccan interior style

Mystery of Morocco, Arab and exotic sensuality are embodied in the Moroccan interior. Although Morocco is often attacked by Arab and European nations, he managed to preserve and enrich their traditions.

Open terraces are very typical of Moroccan houses, because this creates a sense of connecting the home and the woods. The balconies are often covered in greenery.

Instead of cabinets, nice to use a deep niche in the wall. Strong emphasis is placed on the arches and ornaments, decorate your home, which may be blue, red, gold, white and others. If light colors predominate, then the windows and doors should be dark.

The ceiling can be decorated with carving. Ceramic tiles are one of the most easily recognizable decorative details in the Moroccan interior. A distinctive feature is the feeling of spaciousness and air.

Predominates in the soft furnishings and furniture cushions. Tables and chairs are made of wood or iron and can be decorated with mother of pearl, pearls, silver and others. and works of craftsmanship. Pottery and wood, supplemented by a of colored glass lampshades would really create a magical atmosphere.

African style
African interior style

Bright and warm colors of the African interior may be discharged and you can make you feel happier. Ethno-fresh ideas are expressed in a palette consisting of orange, yellow, sandy brown and red. Almost the entire interior is made of wood, often in dark tones. Decorations can be made of clay, leather and stone. Rough or roughly shaped materials to create an effect greater closeness with nature.

Most wanted are exotic skins such as lions, cheetahs, crocodile, elephant, gazelle, giraffe, antelope. Animals and birds can be present such as drawings or may be made of clay and wood. Their contours are rough, as rough and furniture in this style.

Indian style
Indian interior style

Indian style has long been popular in Europe. Immediately after the conquest of India by Britain, the British returned with rich booty to their homes. They carried with them not only works of art, and customs of that country. Thus colonization of India resulted in the creation of a tradition to drink tea. Indian philosophy, yoga and Buddhism are still some aspects of this response, which gives upcoming East European culture.

Vaztsaryava to the Indian fashion fabrics, knitted or crocheted furniture, statuettes and carpets. The furniture can also be of walnut or rosewood. They are made by hand and are not high.

The atmosphere of comfort, luxury and joy stands first of colorful flowers. Orange, raspberry, red are some of the leading colors that must be combined with the furniture. Many prefer to start from the curtains. The pads are decorated with images of animals, humans and gods, in line with images of stone, clay and wood throughout the room.

One of the decisive steps to get the screen which divided parts of your home. It may be of materials such as silk or threaded wood and even metal. Most often decorated with mother of pearl, precious stones and pearls, using the motifs and images vary according to area of origin. It's nice door is similar in style.

Do not forget to put flowers in the room, candles, flying in a container with water and fragrant aromas.

Japanese style
Japanese interior style

One of the most characteristic features of Japanese music is minimalism. This is part of the Eastern idea of the home, according to which human mental peace is far more important than the space which dwell. The empty space is regarded as a space. The lack of decoration is something that is valued much more than the richest decoration.

Traditional Japanese furniture is available near the ground, and household items are kept in cupboards. Traditional landscapes and images of animals on the walls are accepted as a natural link between home and the outside world.

In Japanese decor also use screens, but they are light and almost transparent in comparison with those used in mainland Asia.

In the modern Japanese interior observed a unique fusion of modern with traditional, while preserving harmony between the ideas and materials. The colors are soft, comfortable and warm and is widely used bamboo, paper and clay. The tree retains its natural color and smoothness and less frequent polishing.

Dark wood, golden decorative elements, yellow sand, matte tones and drawings of flowers are especially elaborate combination as create a feeling that reminds of this garden. In the corner you can put chest, or Bonsai figurine that looks more elegant traditional soft light. Rolls around the room there, which are a symbol of wisdom and tradition.

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