Baroque Interior Furniture

Baroque - the expression of luxury

The emergence of Baroque in Italy associated with the name of the genius painter, sculptor and poet Michelangelo. This style started from Rome and Florence, Mantua and Venice conquers it reached the New World.

Baroque was greeted with great joy in France, but his most impressive works in Italy, led by the magnificent Cathedral of St. Peter's.


More fan of Baroque, it identifies a few basic ideas. The first is the use of classical ideas, images, sculptures and ornaments. The main objective of the works is a sense of Baroque influence and dramatic effect. This suggestion is achieved by the combination often rises and it is suggested movement. Ornamentation of the works are always rich.

Many of the palaces and estates of the European aristocracy, which have been preserved to this day, were built precisely in this style. Although centuries have passed since then, statues, frescoes and decorations of their admiration remains. Mirrors, expensive fabrics and carpets, furniture from exotic wood and crystal candlesticks from that era and today are symbols of wealth and luster.


Prior to furnish your home in this style, you must have huge resources and huge space. Besides sophisticated curtains and upholstery, you can add panels with carving, floral moldings and frescos, paintings and pastoral. Mirrors are always helpful and they not only make more spacious premises, and are useful in many more cases than you might think.


The apartment must have mainly sofas, whose undulating backs will also add the impact of the interior. Select chairs, tables, sofas, couches and sofas in the style of Seventeenth-Century VIII, leather, tapestries and carpets. Most sofas are decorated with carving, gilding and mother of pearl, and match them to hand painted porcelain and crystal sets. Small tables and luxurious watches are also required accessories for fans of the Baroque and idleness. Sculptors often have tables instead of legs.


In addition to the living room, you can take care of his bedroom. Plenty of mirrors, soft furnishings and fabrics with floral elements is required here. The walls can be painted mythological subjects, lightweight Cupid and cherubim. Cabinets and dressers in the bedroom should not have, because the whole focus should be on a magnificent canopy bed and pillows. It is permissible to have stools and bronze candelabra in elegant form. Servants in the morning you can serve your breakfast and coffee service in silver.


The cabinet style Baroque also looks wonderful. Its walls can be decorated with paintings or carved panels. You can use marble, lazorit and other expensive stones. Surely you must have a desktop of red and nacreous tree decorations.

For your library you can find so-called "Hamburg cabinet. Its massive structure will suit the big globe and map, which will hang on the wall.

And if you do not have enough space, you can start with little stylization of the house - it will definitely improve your style and you will rise in the eyes of your company. Remember that you live there, the changes are something important and your apartment is not a museum. Feel comfortable and not as the theater with too many suits and lace around.
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