Concept Hotel Designed On The Iconic Hollywood Sign

Los Angeles iconic Hollywood sign in a place of punishment. The private land around the sign is considering selling their spaces for developers who use many fear these areas in trade to build hotels or council advertisements that may mask the signs. To avoid this, the public non-profit trust for the group of countries are involved and they are actively campaign with a deadline to raise funds to purchase the property.

All legal issues aside, there is a Danish architect named Christian Bay Jorgensen, who came with a murderer idea that would solve the problem. He suggested changing the sign in a luxury hotel of great size. In an interview, expressed his desire to give that majestic structure a new dimension. His plan is to make the hotel tourism more, and even considered as a possible location for industry events such as Golden Globe and Oscar awards ceremonies. Although the Christian view (below) seems to be something it is not impossible at all, the general consensus among those responsible, is too far for an idea.

This hotel does not become something more than the architect's vision of one, but if he does not complain!

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