Modern Interior Design Lighting ideas

Home lighting trends have been changing with the given time and lifestyles. From simple lighting fixtures today it has become the way the houses appear worldwide. From apartments, bungalows, and penthouses lighting trends define the feel and decor. Lighting is one element that can dramatically influence the feel of a room and make it warm and inviting, cozy and comfortable or just the opposite cold and completely distant. Whether your preferred choice is lamps, chandeliers, pendants, or accents; decorative lights is one of the easiest way to reflect your persona in a home. In a modern home, lighting has primarily four functions. It provides a decorative element, it adds to the accent feel, gives task lighting and finally illuminates the entire house with a soft glow. And we all know that these four lighting trends can’t be satisfied by one single source of light. So how about giving each room of your house an individual character and applying different lighting trends for different themed rooms.
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